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Walk Into the Light
August 6, 2008, 8:18 pm
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Look, I’ve been out and about. I’ve been around, just not around here. That’s how it goes, sometimes. In a week, I’m turning in my old life for a new one and putting 2,000 miles between myself and my past. Surely, an act of uncompressed cowardice. But that’s ok. As Mailer once said, “the poor are the great voyagers. There are always new businesses, new jobs, new places to live, new expectations evolving into old familiar failures.” In the moments before familiarity towers above us, however, everything is new. And that’s all I really want; everything to be different, somehow. I’m not asking for things to be either better or worse, just not the same. Failure is the expectation and the hope.

The logistical reality of my diaspora means I’ll be driving across this country, from east to west. In doing so, I’m going to chronicle this nation in whatever way emerges to me. I cannot make any promises in regards to content or color or voice or pace. I can promise you it will be remarkable.