Pastoral Genocide

Cats and Other Things.
July 25, 2008, 4:24 am
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When I was fourteen, two kids from my street killed a cat by spraying insecticide into its ears and electric-taping its mouth shut. I was one of those kids. I’m nearly twenty eight now and I still feel terrible about it. It’s a horrible memory, killing something that has no real business dying. I lie in bed some nights and think about things, you know, life retrospectively, and every here and again, it drags itself into my consciousness. Sometimes one thing connects to another and I think about my partner in crime, Jerrid Thompson. He was a big kid, a real asshole. He went to a vocational high school and smoked Doral cigarettes. Last I heard, he got arrested stealing flat screen televisions from a warehouse. When the cops made him take a piss test, he tested positive for marijuana and the date rape drug.


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I stuck a lit sparkler through a live mouse once as a kid.
That sucked.

Comment by Lo-Res Viscera

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