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For What It’s Worth.
July 14, 2008, 7:39 pm
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As many of you may know, this blog is in love with all things Okkervil River. And, we’re not talking love in the “I love you mom and dad” sort of way. No, this is the type of love that results in you showing up to your date’s house with flowers and candy. And with an entire box of Durex. And a ball gag and horse whip. And three Russian prostitutes that you ordered off Craigslist. And your next door neighbor’s border collie. You know, real love.

Ahem. Anyway, as many of you also may know, Okkervil River has a new CD, entitled “The Stand Ins,” coming out on 9 September 2008. Obviously, this is quite exciting. Arousing, even. As songwriter Will Sheff has delineated on countless occasions, “The Stand Ins” is, for all pragmatic intents and purposes, a companion release to 2007’s “The Stage Names.” Meaning, of course, that the songs appearing on “The Stand Ins” were largely written at the same time as those songs appearing on “The Stage Names.”

Several months ago, Okkervil River did a live guest appearance type of thing on Cincinnati’s WOXY. They played several songs, including a new song, titled “Lost Coastlines.” You can download the songs individually, by right-clicking and saving the following links, (mostly) provided via The Futurist:

(1) Lost Coastlines (2) A King and A Queen (3) A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene (4) It Ends with A Fall (5) Full Set w/Interviews.

For whatever reason, the WOXY site is missing the link for “It Ends with a Fall.” So, that particular song is furnished via the weblog Hearsay.

Notably, the Live at WOXY version of “Lost Coastlines” is a bit different than a version appearing on Youtube. Check it out below:

From my particular vantage point, I like the Youtube version marginally better. The dualing vocals and rustic feel of the banjo give the song a pleasantly rural vibe. Both versions, however, sound really fantastic, for whatever that’s worth.

That’s all for now. Until next time, take ‘er easy. And, if she’s really easy, take her twice.


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