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Do You Believe in Love After Life?

Cher creeps me the fuck out. I will say, however, “Updated Hair-era Cher” is a drastic improvement over “Big Hair-era Cher.” “Big Hair-era Cher” looked like a Merv Griffin mated with an giraffe and a Brillo Pad and wrapped the offspring in a casing of fishnet and black leather. If I ever meet Cher, the conversation will go like this:

Me: Hi Cher.

Cher: Oh hai there pumpkin, ur super cute.

Me: Thx. I’ve got a quick question for you.

Cher: O rly?

Me: Why the long face?

Me: lolololloolololoololooolool.

Fatherhood. I can remember being seven years old and staring bleakly at the television screen while Magic Johnson announced to the world that he was HIV positive. It was late afternoon on a gray fall day and I was sitting on the living room couch with my dad, unable to fully grasp either the gravity of the situation or the defeated mannerisms and slouching shoulders of Johnson. I asked my father how you got the HIV. He sighed stoutly and protractedly turned toward me. Seventeen years later, the verbatim of his reply is still etched in my cerebrum: “Magic Johnson got HIV because he fucked anything that moved for over ten years,” he said. “This is what happens, you get AIDS. It’s not rocket science. Wear a rubber, for chrissakes.”

The intended message was undoubtedly one of personal responsibility. I think thats what should count.

Anyway. The theme for today is… out of print emo discographies. O RLY? you say. Yes, really. Thank the good lord for the interwebs. Setting aside, of course, the fact that its wildly ironic to thank our purported creator for what’s tantamount to an overflowing fountain of delicious porn. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the road to hell is paved on the merits of ATMs filmed in dingy motel rooms.

Indian Summer: Science 1994. 2002: Don’t confuse this release with the slightly more comprehensive 2006 release “Hidden Arithmetic.” For what its worth, “Hidden Arithmetic” is comprised of a 12 song, live performance combination of 1993’s “Live @ Pitzer College” and 1994’s “Live @ Blue Universe” and it is exceptional. However, it’s still in print. “Science 1994,” for its part, features all nine of the band’s (supposedly) studio-mastered songs. Highlights include: Angry Son, Orchard, and Reflections on Milkweed.

Download Indian Summer’s “Science 1994.”

Union of Uranus: To This Bearer of Truth. 2004: Hailing from the Canada’s unremarkable capital city, the illustriously nondescript Ottawa, Union of Uranus played chaotic, emotional punk from the early-1990’s through the mid-1990’s. Yes, I know thats vague. But DIY musical history – unlike most other white people-based recreational and or/artistic endeavors – is notoriously undocumented. The last label-released, non-discography effort was 1998’s 12′ split with His Hero Is Gone, but WOTS is that, for all intents and purposes, Union of Uranus became inactive at some point before that. Notably, Union of Uranus’ “To This Bearer of Truth” was the final release on the now-defunct The Great American Steak Religion.

Download Union of Uranus’ “To This Bearer of Truth”

This insanely dense, unofficial discography-slash-box set serves as a four disc chronological diary of The Hated’s recorded life. Additionally, the set includes alternate recordings of early sessions laid down by two post-The Hated projects, Three Shades Dirty and Slack. The Hated were from Annapolis, MD and existed just outside of the massive shadow of late-80’s groups such as Fugazi, Rites of Spring, and Hüsker Dü. Like the aforementioned, The Hated creatively explored the phenomena of emotion in rawly confrontational manner. As the band matured, they gradually – then suddenly – experimented with a range of mixed-tempo song structures which, today, serves as one of their distinctive hallmarks. At the time of the The Hated’s dissolution in 1990, they had released efforts on Vermin Scum, Simple Machines, Troubleman Unlimited,and Panx. Supposedly, Troubleman Unlimited is eventually going to release an “offical” discography, but the project has been delayed more times than a Yemeni in JFK International; I doubt it ever happens.

Download The Hated’s Unofficial Discography Disc 1

Download The Hated’s Unofficial Discography Disc 2

Download The Hated’s Unofficial Discography Disc 3

Download The Hated’s Unofficial Discography Disc 4


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This flyer is from a show in 1980, The band is indeed The Hated, from Orange County California, not MD. Before posting you should check the facts!

Comment by princess eggbod

The Hated were from MD.

Comment by hopptm

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