Pastoral Genocide

Vol.3 – 44:22
March 19, 2008, 5:32 am
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Today, in the office building where I work, a co-worker choked on a bite of apple and died on the floor. They found her collapsed beneath her desk, blue-faced and cold. The paramedics arrived and they put her on stretcher, waited patiently for the elevator, and wheeled her out into the day and the rain. I’ve never had any specific interaction with this woman. She was just someone I saw in the hallway, on the stairs, in the lobby. I can’t think we ever exchanged anything more than brief glances. In fact, I can’t even remember a time when I said as much as hello to her. And so, her death doesn’t really impact me, be it either directly or tributarily. But still, dying seems like such an abstruse and absolute event, both spectacularly acerbic and depressingly macabre. After she was carted out, the building sort of went quiet. People shrugged their shoulders and sat in their offices, unsure, exactly, of the protocol they should follow. Something big happened, sure. But how should one recognize, rationalize, and reflect that momentum? We all tasted the levity, the thick gray cloud settling uncomfortably into the building. We paused, some, maybe, for longer than others. And then, we all sort of just went on with our days. Does that sound harsh, uncaring?

(1) The Mountain Goats – Flashing Lights (2) The Robot Ate Me – They Ate Themselves (3) Jason Anderson – Our Winter (4) The Jim Yoshi Pile Up – Thanksgiving Grey (5) Spiritualized – Lay It Down Slow (6) The Minus Story – Miles and Miles (7) Shearwater- Safeway (8 ) Headphones – Gas and Matches (9) Neutral Milk Hotel – Communist Daughter (10) Illinois – Headphones (11) The One A.M. Radio (Wind Up Bird Cover) – Wheat and Chaff (12) Kind of Like Spitting – Worker Bee #7438 – F87904 (13) Panda & Angel – China (14) Foot Foot – Hysterical



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